Baba's Leelas

Baba's Leelas

Das Ganus Bath in Prayag
Once Das Ganu thought that he should go to prayag for a bath and came to Baba to get the permission for doing.Baba replied to him “It is not necessary to go so far and prayag is here.Then wonder of wonders!when Das ganu placed his head on babas feet,out flowed streams of Ganga-Yamuna water from both the toes of Baba.

Mr Gopalrao Gund
One Mr Gopalrao Gund was a surveyor in survey dept. at Kopergaon.He was great baba devotee.He had three wives but had no issue.With Saibabas blessings,a son was born to him.

Brackish water turned Sweet
Shirdi was a village,the one in use dried up soon and water from the second was brackish.This brackish water was turned into sweet water by saibaba by putting flowers into it.

Turning water into oil
Saibaba was fond of lights.He used to get oil from banias who supplied oil to lamp the lights.Once banias decided not to give oil for Baba.Unperturbed baba returned to Masjid and kept the dry wicks in the lamps.Baba took tin pot which contained few drops of oil,put the water into it and drank it and then forced it out to fall into container.After consecrating this he took the water and filled all the lamps and lighted them.Babas leelas lamps began to burn and kept burning the whole night.

Removed the disease of the eyes of one of the Devotee
One devotee has his eyes red and swollen. Babas remedy was quite unique.He pounded some Beeba(some carpus Ana Cardium i.e marking nuts made two balls and thrust on patient eyes and wrapped with cloth and bandage.Next day water was poured and bandage was removed.The inflammation subsided and the pupils became white and clear.

Baba’s All-pervasiveness and Mercy saved the life of child
In the year 1910 A.D., Baba was sitting near the Dhuni on Divali holiday and warming Himself. He was pushing fire-wood into the Dhuni, which was brightly burning. A little later, instead of pushing logs of woods, Baba pushed His arm into the Dhuni; the arm was scorched and burnt immediately. This was noticed by the servant Madhava, and also by Madhavrao Deshpande (Shama). They at once ran to Baba and Madhavarao clasped Baba by His waist from behind and dragged Him forcible back ward and asked, “Deva, for what have You done this?” Then Baba came to His senses and replied, “The wife of a blacksmith at some distant place, was working the bellows of a furnace;her husband called her. Forgetting that her child was on her waist, she ran hastily and the child slipped into the furnace. I immediately thrust My hand into the furnace and saved the child. I do not mind My arm being burnt, but I am glad that the life of the child is saved.”

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