The recitation of Sai Naam is a powerful tool to offset all obstacles in life. In Shri Sai Satcharitra, Baba has time and again stressed the recitation of Sai Naam Japa in various chapters.

Once a devotee of Baba organized “Laksharchana” and was expecting a large turn out of devotees. The number fell short of his expectation and he chided Baba for making his whole affair a mockery. He approached his Guru and explained everything that had happened. Guru knowing everything enlightened the devotee and said that persons who have good karma in their credit can alone get the opportunity to take part in the Naam Japa or group prayer. As Baba has said in Sri Sai Satcharita Chapter 25 “Look at the mango tree in blossom. If all the flowers become fruit, what a splendid crop it would. But do they? Most fall off either as flowers or as unripe fruits by wind etc., very few remain”. Guru continued and said it is really pity many people do not realize what is good for them. They miserably fall off due to samsaric or Maya wind. One must understand this universal fact and utilize such rare spiritual opportunity.

The devotee felt guilty and asked Baba to be pardoned for being childish and foolish. He thought in his mind that who is he to determine the quantum of devotees? All actions in this world are His play. Baba made you an instrument to do a particular job without your consciousness or knowledge.

Baba is in the heart of all and activates us according to our karma. If we honestly offer prayers to Sai Baba, the prayers shall be answered. Baba said, “I always live everywhere” in Satcharita chapter 28. Baba will hear our prayer through His All Pervading ears. Thus someone has rightly said that “everywhere He has ears; everywhere He has eyes, to listen to our prayers and answer them.

By: Rajesh Anand