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This whole Universe, with its varied natural forms and creations is a manifestation of the ‘Will’ of God. The universal life force behind this reality of Brahman is the positive energy – pure universal consciousness, ‘Self’ being its integral part. At the individual consciousness level therefore "He is the real Me and real You". One, however, cannot perceive Him with gross eyes. The veils of Maya form layers of illusions blocking the vision to Almighty Brahman. To attain this wisdom, one has to approach a worthy Saint: a Sadguru, who has himself, attained God vision. What cannot be achieved through reading of Vedas and other religious scriptures or hearing religious lectures, can be achieved under the blessings and guidance of such Souls. The objects of life such as Dharma, Artha and Kama are achievable by our efforts but the fourth object ‘Moksha’ can be attained only with the blessings and guidance of a Sadguru. Shri Shirdi Sai was such a Sadguru who while living in physical form, by His 'life's actions' always imparted spiritual wisdom and showed people, irrespective of caste, colour & creed, the path to spirituality and liberation. He continues to guide and bless one and all even today from His 'Samadhi' in SHIRDI.


SAI always said “We get human body as a result of merits in the past births and it is worthwhile, that with its aid, we should obtain devotion and liberation in this life." The purpose of life indeed is not to live a physical existence in this materialistic world, full of evils of passion, anger, pride, envy by man against man, generating 'negative sanskars' but to realize 'Self and 'Brahman'.


This 'Self of ours is surrounded by three basic walls of Gross, Subtle and the Casual Bodies. There are several paths to pierce these three walls before experiencing glimpses of divinity in the 'Brahmrandhra' the Seventh ‘Sahasrashar’ Chakra. The Four known paths are : 'Bhaktiyoga', 'Karamayoga', 'Jnanayoga' and 'Rajyoga'. Whatever path one may follow, it is always a lifelong process of 'surrender' and deep concentration, with all purity of mind and intense desire to realize 'Self and 'Creator' of this Universe. When the powers of mind are concentrated and turned back upon it, the mind penetrates its innermost secrets and enlightens us by revealing the real meaning of man's existence in this world. The journey to spirituality realized through any chosen medium, helps remove negative energy within a man, and transforms his Sanskars gradually with positive energy. This positive energy then radiates his ‘inner Self’ and the 'aura' around him. The inner dynamism, joy, peace and compassion emerge from this chosen path of Divinity. As this spiritual awareness expands, a Sadhak is able to see through 'Maya' and finally, the divine light which communicates to him - 'Aham Brahmasmi'. The Sadhak begins to live within the spiritual fragrance of Satya, Chita and Anand – an experience of absolute Existence, Knowledge and Bliss.


The truth and intrinsic strength in all the four paths to Self realization and realization of God, however, lay in the whole hearted "devotion and surrender” – an unconditional and unflinching faith in the existence and supremacy of Almighty. All spirituality is in fact embodied in the "Total Surrender." Bhagavad Gita expresses the same secret 'Sarva Dharman Parityajya Namakan Saranam Vraja’. It means be thou fully surrendered to His Will. All your sins will be pardoned. Holy Bible reiterates the same message. Prophet Muhammad always strolled about with His head lowered and His message was "Be surrendered".


Sai Baba is not finite or limited. He dwells in all beings from ants and insects to God Brahman. He pervades all. How beautiful one day at noon after the Arti, He gave the following advice to Anna Chinchanikar :  “Remember that all what you do is known to me. I am the inner ruler of all and seated in their hearts… I am the controller the wire-puller of the show of this universe. I am the Mother-origin of all beings the harmony of the three gunas, the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer. Nothing will harm him, who turns his attention towards Me, but Maya will lash or whip him who forgets Me. All the insects, ants, the visible, movable and immovable world is My Body or Form.” By this Baba conveyed that He is infinite, omnipresent and controller of this universe. Baba also said “I feel indebted to him who surrenders himself completely to Me, and ever remembers Me, I shall repay his debt by giving him salvation.”


Once a rich gentleman came to Baba in Shirdi and asked for a ‘Quick Brahman Jnana’. To teach the lesson of Brahman, Baba made him sit in the Masjid and despite his insistence of ‘Brahman Jnana’ engaged him in some other talks. Then He called a boy and asked him to go to Nandu Marwari and get from him a hand loan of Rs. 5/-. The boy went, but returned saying that Nandu was absent and his house locked. Then Baba asked him to go to Bala grocer and get from him the said loan. Again the boy was unsuccessful. This went on twice, thrice and with the same result. The rich man had a bundle of currency notes and if he knew that Baba would return the loan, could have given that money to Baba. He, however, wanted from Baba the greatest thing in the world ‘Brahman Jnana’. The rich man, getting impatient again asked Baba about ‘Brahman Jnana’ and Baba told him that He was in fact showing him ‘Brahman Jnana’ only but unfortunately, he could not see. It is, thus, the veils of ‘Maya’ which blocks the vision to the reality of Brahman.


By above preaching Baba conveyed that for being able to realize and see Brahman one has to Surrender desires of Five Senses, Mind, Intellect and Ego. It is only by this process of renunciation/vairagya that one is able to move towards the path of self realization. As one achieves richness and strength in his inner purifications, he is able to attain ‘Brahman Jnana’. The path of ‘Self Realization’ is ‘ as hard as to tread on the edge of a razor.’ All saints have advocated that to get the knowledge (realization) of the Self, ‘Dhyana’ is necessary. If one practices it continuously, the vrittis (thoughts) will be pacified…. To realize Brahman, one could meditate either on the form or formless nature of Sai. His formless nature is knowledge incarnate, consciousness and bliss (Satta, Chitta, Anand). If one cannot do this, he/she should meditate on His form from top to toe." Hemadpant in Shri Sai Sacharitra says "Look at Baba's posture, He is sitting with his legs folded, the right leg held across the left knee…. By this posture Baba means to say, as it were if you want to see My light, be egoless and most humble and meditate on my toe through the opening between the two branches, index and middle fingers and then you will be able to see My light. This is the easiest means of attaining devotion, the ‘Moksha’ the real aim of human existence.


Our human existence will be rendered meaningless if we are unable to understand the purpose of this life and know the basic truth of human birth. Human birth is result of untold sufferings and struggles in eighty four lakh species. Human form is the most nearer form of God with inherent God like powers lying dormant in the gross body. It is awakening of these inherent super natural divine powers that a man in physical existence realizes his Godly form and merges his individual consciousness with Universal consciousness. He is one with Brahman the 'Allah Malik' as Baba used to say. The path to this sole aim of human birth is inherent in "Surrender" a ‘Total Surrender' to God Generator of Divinity. Sai is thus Generator of Divinity Look to Him and seek His blessings for ‘Moksha’.