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As an Avtaar (God incarnate), in spite of being in a physical body He could operate beyond the confines of Age, Body and Space. He could be anywhere at anytime. He had control of all five elements. When summoned by a court commission He said that his caste was Parvardigar (means one who sustains all Vishnu Shakti). His age was millions of years. He knew everyone, He belonged to everyone, everything belonged to Him. Despite His leaving the physical form for over 80 years now, people still feel His presence in Shirdi and all around, at all times.


As the Param Sadguru, He united people of different sects, preached them to live together. He allowed diversity to bring unity (e.g. He celebrated Hindu festivals when Muslims were also present and vice versa). He worked hand in hand with His disciples to lead them on a spiritual path that brings salvation and liberation. He first fulfilled the material desires of people in the hope that after their material desires are fulfilled, they would have a stronger belief and would start seeking what He wanted to give. His approach to solve human problems and His teachings were simple and easy to relate i.e. God realisation. All of which were simple and easy to relate to and could lead people to non-attachment and meaningful life. He infused in His disciples and devotees a new purpose of human existence. As a Sadguru He could take away the sufferings of people. Even today He loves and cares for His devotees as He had promised. We all can feel that He guides us each and every moment and is with us always.


Sai’s teachings are very simple to understand, to follow and are universally relevant, more so now as the world is facing different kinds of cultural, racial and religious problems. When people are becoming so dependent on machines, the love and humanity and personal touch is missing. The basic teaching of Baba was love and respect for all and each other. Because of fierce competition and stress in the families and work-life, people are unhappy. A better earning power for a limited few has created an imbalance in the Nature. People back-stab each other for their own selfish motives. Even with so many better amenities available for a better living the quality of life is deteriorating as love for each other is on the decrease. We all somehow are looking for "Something" different which we fail to understand and achieve. We are actually striving for Happiness and that Inner Happiness can be achieved if we follow a Perfect Master’s teachings. Since Baba's teachings are so easy to understand and follow, and which have proven to lead people to spiritual upliftment and a better life, Baba's teachings are very relevant today.


Also, Baba had promised that whosoever follows his preaching, will be led to eternal  salvation and would find happiness, would never have dearth of the necessities. And we have all experienced sometime or the other that Baba has always fulfilled His promises and assurances. Hence it is only by following Baba's  A Perfect Sadguru's teachings that this world can be saved of miseries and suffering.