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Control of mind-Suggested by Baba

Control of mind-Suggested by Baba


We have to achieve four goals in life. These are:

Earning our livelihood
Fulfilling our desires
Establishing righteousness


In order to achieve these goals we need to train our mind to cultivate positive and wholesome thoughts. A positive state of mind leads to a selfless life. We see life from a higher perspective. The purity of the thought process makes us selfless. We try to follow the righteous path and think of benefit of society before our own. In order to be happy we should share whatever we have. This thought process leads to selfless action.


We simply work for the sake of good action. We do not care for result and its benefits. We surrender all actions to God. Obviously, we cannot offer anything short of perfect to God. Therefore, we try to achieve perfection. When we offer our best to God, the result has to be excellent obviously. Therefore, the excellent result is because of the perfect action, which has its inception in the perfect thought.


The four goals of life can be achieved with positive thinking. We become what we think and we become what we meditate on. Therefore, if we think best and dwell our minds on Paramatma, we will undoutedtedly achieve the best - of this, there is no doubt. Those who practice it know it and those who doubt it must practice it.


Spiritual evolution helps us to realise the ultimate goal of life. It is often said that we are known by the company we keep. It is very natural for a pure and pious person to drift towards saints. That is why Lord Krishna emphasises on training the mind. He gave the message of equanimity to the humankind. We should lead our lives with samta.


We should be the same in pleasure or pain, victory or defeat, profit or loss and with friend and foe. It is very difficult for a common person to achieve this state of mind. It is rather difficult to control our senses but with constant practice, we can train them. Obviously cultivating positive thought process is very important.


It is most important to accept every situation we face in life. It is even more important to hold ourselves responsible for our situation whether good or bad. If the situation is good then there is no problem. However, if the situation is not good, we should resolve to alter it. This is a positive state of mind. Once we make such resolution, all our efforts will be to modify it until the desirable result is achieved. So with our positive attitude we can change a bad situation into a good situation.


Theory of karma also states that our destiny is the result of our sanchit karmas of previous lives. It says that we cannot escape the result of our actions. Baba always said that we have to reap the result of all our karmas.


Baba always encouraged every one to read spiritual texts like Bhagavadgita. The Bhagavadgita is a guide, which helps us to realise the four aims of life. While it is easy to achieve the first three goals with dedicated effort, the fourth goal can be achieved only through the grace of God. It is repeatedly emphasised by Lord Krishna that in order to achieve the fourth goal we have to evolve spiritually. To attain liberation, we have to surrender unconditionally at the feet of Sadguru. Only when we surrender at the feet of such wise seers of knowledge, we can hope to evolve spiritually.


Therefore, it is most essential to surrender. As we surrender, we leave ego, which is our biggest enemy. In the egoistic state, we are alone; separate from the rest of creation. Obviously, in this fragmented, lonely, and isolated state we are selfish and self-centred. We only think of ourselves and not of the others. So we do not think of the absolute, all pervading Almighty. Therefore, when the thought is selfish and fragmented, the others will either not support it or work in a different direction with a different approach. The result cannot good.


Only a wholesome thought leads to a wholesome speech, which impresses all and leads to collective action, which in turn leads to the best result. Therefore, when we surrender to the Almighty, our little strength unites with the all pervading; omnipresent and omniscient strength and the result is excellent. However, it is to be remembered that only the selfless thoughts which promote the well being of a family, organization, society, country or universe get strengthened and not the selfish and evil thoughts. God, through His forces of nature automatically keeps punishing the evil forces until such people realise their mistakes. Therefore, evil thoughts are bound to doom in due course of time.


It is most essential to watch our thoughts every day. We must fix up a time in our daily routine when we sit in isolation, in a peaceful place for meditation. We should sit in the lotus pose, keep our backbone erect, close our eyes, make a ring with our index finger, and thumb while keeping the other fingers straight. This pose helps us to concentrate on our third eye chakra. We should try to meditate for half an hour every day. In this state, we can reflect on our thought process. In agitated state, we cannot concentrate on third eye chakra and keep drifting to negative state of mind. However, with constant practice we can cultivate good and wholesome thoughts. As we improve our thought process, we alter our state of mind from negative to positive. The result is a calm state of mind. The concentration improves in this state as we relax.


Additionally, if we surrender unconditionally to God and request him to eliminate such evil thoughts, then He purifies us gradually. The recitation of mantra during meditation cleanses us and leads us towards purity and thus clarity. In such a state, positive thoughts take birth in the mind and lead to target oriented approach. It makes us one-pointed and focused. This focused approach leads to perfection and excellence.


Therefore, whenever a selfless thought will take birth, there will be perfection in action followed by the sweet nectar of victory, happiness, and bliss.