Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


If you would like to donate towards any of the SHIRDI SAI DHAM schemes in particular, or towards SHIRDI SAI DHAM's social services activities in general, you can send your donation through International Money Order/Demand Draft favouring SHIRDI SAI DHAM, and payable at NJ.

The International Money Order/Demand Draft can be sent to:

Po Box No. 85,
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550
+(609) 937 2800 | +(609) 937 2806

For donations through online please click here

Support Our Temple Operations

Option can be used to support Temple operations and for multipurpose Special Religious Events, Abhishekams, Archanas etc. If you can’t be at Mandir on special day, you may provide details and Priests will perform puja on your behalf. Also please be prepared to inform Mandir about your Family Info and Gotra, its required.

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