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In Praise Of Sadguru Sai!

Shirdi SAI SAYS!


We have the ground ready for the temple.
Please contribute generously for the construction of the Sai Temple.







O’Sai, O’Baba

You are Ram, You are Rahim

You are trimurthy, you are Vithoba

Yours forms are infinite; but

We know you as SAI


You are all merciful and kind


Your simply glance dispels mountains of pains and sorrows


Simple remembrance of Sai


Brings fortune to life



You are the Eternal Truth


This is the reality of life


Though you sit in ‘Samadhi’


But still all pervading and run for devotees


At the time of peril and need




Sai has said and given this message


Trust his words


They are never empty and hallow


Seeks his blessings


With reverence and perseverance





Shirdi is Dwarka and home of Sai


Those who have come


Never gone empty and saddened


People’s fortunes are made


Those who sought refugee in his feet





Sai is the ultimate truth and hope


As you wish, so you will get


His words were never failing but pregnant with meaning


Live life by his teachings


You are sure to be enlightened and delivered





                  Rajesh Anand
©Shrdi Sai Dham